CNC Start

Break and Learn


“CNC Start” or how to break down the CNC Machine.



     Imagine a situation: The young specialist comes to production with huge desire to make a career of a programmer-operator of CNC machines. The guy has basic knowledge, he has a desire to work a lot and  to study persistently.  But on the production there are laws that are contrary to his plans.

     More experienced colleagues are unwilling to share the experience because they are afraid of competition.

     Plant owners are also not eager to teach beginners. For it there are many reasons:

training is additional expenses and the equipment is very expensive, as well. If an accident occurs, the repair cost tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. The trained beginner can demand higher salary, or moreover even find another place of work, because he already has the experience. In all ads you can find: "experts with experience are required". So it turns out that it's not beneficial for anyone to train inexperienced employees, and provide them the essential conditions for learning. There are exceptions, but it's very rare. A person without experience, that comes to production can count on a hard and uninteresting work, but the main disadvantage is that it doesn't pay off in the pay check. Years pass, but nothing changes. It's like a vicious circle.

      How to break this cycle? How to join the elite sphere of programmers-operator of CNC machines? How to gain experience in a short time and move forward in your career? Many questions and problems arise...

       The solution that we offer to you - the training package "CNC Start"

"CNC Start" - this training package, which is based on the program "CNC Simulator", developed by company

"Nanjing Swansoft".  This program is the closest to real CNC Machines to trifles! The main feature of this program, in difference from programs of competitors, is the big variety of systems of CNC machines and types of control panels which can be used for training and work. During the studying or working with the program you're not afraid to do something wrong: to break the machine, tool or device.


Famous phrase "Learn from the mistakes" acquires a special meaning here:


Break down and learn!



The  "CNC Start" package includes:

  • Sowtware -  “CNC Simulator”

  • The annual Licence of  "CNC Simulator" with the possibility of "online activation" or "USB-key." (USB-key is delivered by the postal service).

  • Free updates and new versions of "CNC Simulator" throughout the year.

  • Video tutorials

  • Individual technical support.


Knowledge and experience, that you acquire by using the "CNC Start" enhances your professional level. Your value as a specialist increases. About it unanimously speak programmers and operators, who trained and gained experience by using our training packages "CNC Start" and "CNC professional".

The price of  "CNC Start"  is a small part of expenses from your budget on acquisition such "necessary things" as mobile phones, set-top boxes, gadgets, etc.

The main property of our training packages, is that eventually, with their help you earn money.


You do not spend, you invest your money in your success!


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